Pheu Thai Party agrees to join reconciliation talks in March hinh anh 1Acting Secretary-General of Pheu Thai Party Poomtham Vechayachai (Source: nationmultimedia)
Bangkok (VNA) – Leaders of Thailand’s Pheu Thai Party have announced that they will join reconciliation talks on March 8 and are willing to discuss all issues at the talks, bar the 20-year national strategy that the party disagreed with.

According to Acting Secretary-General of the party Poomtham Vechayachai, the party agreed on the significance of reconciliation for Thailand as well as the need for open discussions on all matters.

However, he asked the Thai government to assure that reconciliation will really take place, while being sincere with accepting different viewpoints.

Meanwhile, head of the party’s legal department Chusak Sirinil gave the party’s points of view on joining the talks. It requested the government be independent, clarify the truth, give adequate compensations to the affected, not limit the talks to amnesty issues, and not create a new round of conflicts.

The results of the reconciliation talks should be agreed between the conflicting parties and the people, the party proposed, adding that the government should not enforce a law on the outcomes to bind everyone.

It called on the government to create a friendly atmosphere for reconciliation and tolerate different opinions.

The party also gave a list of 10 representatives to join the talks. The attendance of former Thai former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at the dialogue has yet to be confirmed. -VNA