Philippines is likely to miss its rice production this year due to strong typhoons, according to the country’s Department of Agriculture.

The government has set the target of 19.07 million tonnes for this year, but the rice output for 2014 may reach only 18.88 million or 18.89 million tonnes, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said.

According to the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), in the first nine months of 2014, unmilled rice output rose by 50,000 tonnes year on year to 11.41 tonnes. However, the rice harvest declined by 10 percent in Quarter 3 after some strong typhoons such as Glenda, Luis, and Marino hit the country.

The country is striving to increase rice production in Q4 to 7.47 million tonnes in order to reach the total output of 10.5 million tonnes in the second half of this year.

Previously, the agriculture department set the target of 59.68 million tonnes of rice in the 2014-2016 period as part of the country’s efforts to become self-sufficient in rice.

In 2013, the country produced 18.44 million tonnes of rice, satisfying 96 percent of rice demand.-VNA