Nearly 130 filed photos of General Nguyen Thi Dinh are on display at Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Cultural House until October 27, marking the extraordinary life of Vietnam’s first female general.

The collection, by photojournalist Vu Duc Thong, shows her revolutionary life and career during the American War in Vietnam, in which she played a crucial role in the ultimate victory.

General Dinh, born in 1920 in the southern province of Ben Tre, led the successful Dong Khoi uprising in Ben Tre in early 1960 and her name became associated with the female army which President Ho Chi Minh later called the “long-hair army.” She later served as Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the National Liberation Front Armed Forces. President Ho hailed her as the first female general of Vietnam and the world.

After the war, she was appointed Major General and became the first female general serving in the Vietnam People’s Army.

Nguyen Thi Dinh was elected a Vice President of the Council of State in 1987 and served in the position until her death in 1992.

The exhibited photos will later be presented at the memorial park in Dinh’s home province of Ben Tre, southern Vietnam.-VNA