There isn’t much room for pottery in the fast-paced modern world but for the residents of Phù Lãng ceramic village in Bac Ninh province, their products are proving not only popular but highly lucrative.

Phù Lãng village, which was settled as a craft centre in the Red River delta in the 14th century, offers travellers an opportunity to explore the rural handicraft lifestyle in the northern delta.

Just 3km off the main road, visitors can experience the tranquil rural life and fantastic clay art works.

Craftsmen in Phù Lãng use red clay, which makes the local ceramic products different from those made in the villages of Bát Tràng, Thổ Hà and Chu Đậu, which are also famous for their ceramic works.

Enamel and a firewood kiln are two of the secrets that help dye the village's products extraordinary dark greens and dull reds.

The enamel is made from a diluted mixture of ash, mud, clay and water.

Phu Lang pottery is defined by the red colour and specific texture of the raw clay found in the region. But the villagers have a few extra techniques up their sleeves to make their products stand out.

Locals attribute the popularity of pottery from Phù Lãng to durability and low prices.

But its not all about the price tag. Locals also put their success down to a special artistic edge, pointing to the traditional Phù Lãng water jug as proof of their long-standing reputation./.