A group of youngsters in Luc Yen district of the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai has recently pilot growing cosmos flowers, with a hope to bring more visitors to the locality.

The one-hectare cosmos flowers in Khai Trung commune, Luc Yen district of Yen Bai province are showing their fragile beauty under the sun.

Crowds of visitors are flocking to the field to capture the beauty of cosmos flower, with entrance ticket fee of about 1.3 USD each.

Hoang Thi Mai, a tourist from Hà Giang province told reporters: "The beauty of the cosmos flowers caught my eye when passing by. They are really stunning."

Cosmos flowers are normally in full swing since mid winter to the end of January. But thanks to advanced methods applied by local growers, the flowers can bloom all year round, making them a new tourism product for Luc Yen district.

Explaining on the opening of the cosmos field, Dinh Van An, the flower field's owner said, after visiting many flower fields to learn experience, he decided to open a field to get more people learning about the locality.

"It was such a risky decision but I’m happy seeing that more and more tourists are coming here", he added.

Located 700 metres above sea level, Khai Trung commune is known as a green plateau thanks to clean air and rich soil. Now, a cosmos flower field surprises tourists as if they are lost in a fairy tale with fragile and alluring beauty.-VNA