At the conference, opinions focused on a number of hot issues relating to the real estate market, such as the auction policy, social housing program, housing price, and the impact of the stock market on the real estate market, among others.

Concluding the conference, PM Chinh pointed out a number of key “bottlenecks” that need to be removed to make the real estate market strong and transparent.

Accordingly, the legal system related to the market still has some contents that have not met practical needs and have not been supplemented and amended in a timely manner.

Chinh asked relevant quarters to firmly grasp the development of the market, balance supply and demand, and create a harmonious and healthy environment, in which priority is given to the segment of social housing.

Market rules must be respected but the management role of the State must also be ensured, he added.

The PM also requested to strengthen inspection, examination and early detection of violations to protect the market and assets./.