Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered that investment in technologies that release high levels of emissions must be halted, considering the fight against climate change and sea level rise a matter of life and death.

The Government leader made the request at the second meeting of the National Steering Committee on the National Climate Change Response Target Programme in Hanoi on Feb. 16.

Acting as Head of the Steering Committee, PM Dung reminded the committee members of the need for perfection of the general strategy on climate change and sea level rise, followed by the creation of competent action plans for prompt, drastic, uniform and long-term implementation.

He required the Steering Committee to promptly present a meticulous scenario on climate change for all sectors and localities to design their own action plans for specific fields.

To build works to deal with climate change and sea level rise, the sectors and localities should rely mainly on their own resources, PM Dung noted.

The Steering Committee’s members recommended the increased leadership and instruction of the implementation of the National Climate Change Response Target Programme, policies and scientific research on climate change in 2011.

They also suggested international donors participate in activities of the Directors Board of the Target Programme and agreed to focus on making climate change-related documents.

They agreed to deploy a national scientific and technological programme on climate change nationwide and make the best use of internal and external resources for the work.

According to scientists, Vietnam is one of the developing countries in the world that are most likely to be seriously affected by climate change, especially sea-level rise.

To proactively respond to these threats, Vietnam ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the National Climate Change Response Target Programme in 2008.

In 2010, the National Climate Change Response Target Programme focused on building related institutions, policies and action plans, organising communication campaigns, screening development plans and scientific and technological research, and mobilising international funding.

Vietnam has so far mobilised over 1.2 billion USD from international sources for activities in response to climate change after the first meeting of the Steering Board.

It has received pledges and is negotiating for a sum totalling 1.3 billion USD to fight climate change./.