During the meeting, the two countries' leaders discussed bilateral relations as well as regional and international issues of mutual concern.

The Vietnamese Government leader stressed that Vietnam-US relations are "special" as the two countries have overcome the pains and devastations of the war, and are actively cooperating to make the Comprehensive Partnership even more substantial and effective across all areas.

Vietnam wants the US to continue to support and cooperate with Vietnam in areas where the US has strengths and Vietnam has potential and needs, PM Chinh said.

President Biden said that he personally has a lot of affection for the country and the people of Vietnam. When he was still a Senator, he and his friend and colleague, the late John McCain, lobbied US politicians to promote relations with Vietnam.

He stressed the US is eager to cooperate and assist developing and less developed countries, including Vietnam, in various areas such as economic and trade development, disease prevention and control, and climate change response./.