Meeting new Azerbaijani Ambassador Shovgi Kamal Oglu Mehdizade, the State leader said Vietnam always treasures the traditional friendship with the country.

Ambassador Shovgi Kamal Oglu Mehdizade conveyed the Azerbaijani President’s invitation for the Non-Aligned Movement Summit 2023, which will focus on issues related to post-COVID-19 recovery.

He said that the President of Azerbaijan always prioritises the development of ties with Vietnam, and pledged to work hard for the growth of the traditional friendship between the two countries. 

The same day, the State leader also hosted a reception for the new Ambassador of Brunei.

The diplomat expressed her belief that the comprehensive partnership between the two countries will further expand in the future, and promised to do her best to promote the ties.

President Phuc said Vietnam and Brunei have shared a close relationship and showed pleasure at the growth of bilateral economic partnership with two-way trade exceeding the target of 500 million USD set for 2025.

He suggested the ambassador focus on promoting the economic and trade collaboration between the two countries./.