Weaving papooses (a popular baby carrier for many ethnic people across Vietnam) or creating crossbows and chapi (a traditional musical instrument) are among the time-honoured crafts of the Raglai ethnic people in Khanh Hoa province. However, over time, the craftwork had largely fallen into oblivion due to more contemporary professions and demands. Fortunately, an ethnic craftman has managed to preserve the craft.

There are many people who have made efforts to carry on their traditional cultures and craftsmanship over the years. Among them is Mau Hong Thai, who still crafts papooses, crossbows, and chapi for the daily use of local residents. His products, with designs that strike the eye and a durable quality, have made him famous in the region.

The artisan tosses and turns all night thinking of how to spread awareness of traditional Raglai crafts, not only amongst local people, but to cultural tourists visiting the nation. –VNA