Dong Thap Muoi ecological reserve was established 20 years ago. Since then, the reserve has ben home to hundreds of rare plant and animal species.

Among 147 bird species under protection in Dong Thap Muoi ecological reserve, there are several rare species, including the Asian openbill, snakebird, grey heron, and more. They all enjoy healthy lives in the reserve.

The reserve is 100 hectares wide and surrounded by 1,800 hectares of ecotone. In the near future, the core zone of the ecological reserve is set to be expanded by 124 hectares.

With favourable living conditions and a strict preservation policy, the number of animals in the reserve is increasing. Some endangered species that are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book are growing strongly here. The local ecosystem has improved significantly and sustainably.

With impressive landscapes, Dong Thap Muoi ecological reserve also boasts huge potential for tourism development. Once exploited, the reserve is expected to be a highlight in Dong Thap Muoi sub-region provinces of Dong Thap, Long An, Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City.-VNA