Experts have forecast real estate stocks might peak in the first half of 2019 or even earlier, in the last quarter of this year.


The recovery of the property market helped boost real estate stocks during the past five years. According to financial services company Stockplus’ Fiinpro Platform, real estate stocks posted better growth than the overall market.

Statistics showed that real estate stocks increased by over 143 per cent in the 2014-18 period while the VN-Index rose by 96.5 per cent.

Earnings per share (EPS) of real estate stocks saw stable growth in the period, despite a mild decrease in 2015.

According to real estate services firm Savills, the real estate market has not shown any signs of crisis. However, up to 65 per cent of high-end home purchases were for investment purposes and the risks might depend on the sensitivity of buyers’ income to interest rates./.VNS