No fancy stage is set up. Actors perform an excerpt in the renowned Vietnamese classical opera play ‘Son Hau’ in the middle of a public playground. Here, the mossy wall becomes the backdrop while slide and stairs make a perfect setting for the play.

The minimalist setting coupled with professional performance of artists has dazzled local audience. For elders, the show is a nostalgia trip taking them to their good old days.

Meanwhile for the young, it overwhelms them with strong emotions as this is the first time they have attended a show combining their favourite hiphop music and classical Vietnamese opera, which seems strange to millennia and Z-generation.

‘Son Hau’ is a renowned play representing Vietnamese classical opera. By selecting it to perform, artists expect to bring the traditional art form closer to younger generations.

Given many age-old art forms have now been on the brink of oblivion, such programmes as this one is expected to indulge young audience’s interest in them, contributing to preserving traditional values./.