People’s Councils at all levels should pay greater attention to further renovating operations towards becoming closer to the people and being aware of their desires, said Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Huynh Ngoc Son.

Public complaints should be taken seriously and handled in a timely fashion at the local level to avoid escalated situations, he stressed at a meeting of People’s Councils standing committees from the Red River delta and northern coastal province of Ninh Binh on March 11.

Evaluations of public complaints and aspirations must also be implemented in line with the 2013 Constitution, especially regulations on human and citizens’ rights and other relevant laws.

He also emphasised the significance of close links between People’s Councils and People’s Committees as well as the Fatherland Front in monitoring and addressing complaints.

Simultaneously, People Council members should increase face-to-face meetings with voters to listen to their opinions and concerns, he stated.

Those working in citizen reception should make a great effort to remain continually patient and honest and hold a high sense of responsibility as well as be capable of explaining laws to citizens and instructing them on complaint process, he stressed.-VNA