Resolution 128: The key to solving difficulties, realizing dual goals hinh anh 1

Pangasius is one of the strengths of the seafood industry (Photo: Vu Sinh/VNA)

On October 11, 2021, the Vietnamese government issued Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP on safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the COVID-19 epidemic. One year after the Resolution was issued, the epidemic was better controlled, the socio-economic situation recovered quickly and developed in all fields. Many positive results have been achieved in the context that the world continues to experience many rapid, complicated, unpredictable and unprecedented changes.

The resolution has created a turning point in the way of thinking and methods of epidemic prevention and control. It creates flexibility and breaks all blockades to the people's activities as well as socio-economic activities. The resolution is the key to dissolving difficulties, creating a premise for successfully realizing the dual goals of stabilizing society and moving the country to a new normal.

If at the end of September 2021, GDP growth was -6%, then after Resolution 128 was issued, Vietnam's GDP grew positively in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the first nine months of 2022, GDP grew by 8.83% year-on-year. This is the highest increase of 9 months in the past 12 years.

Dr. Angela Pratt- Chief Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam assessed Resolution 128 as an extremely important milestone for Vietnam in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic. It strikes a balance between adopting COVID-19 control measures and opening up the economy and society.

Resolution 128: The key to solving difficulties, realizing dual goals hinh anh 2Dr. Angela Pratt - Chief Representative of the World Health Organization in Vietnam. (Photo: Phuong Hoa/VNA)

“I think that the resolution of the Vietnamese government is a good lesson, which can be applied in the next stages of epidemic prevention and control,” emphasized Dr. Angela Pratt.

According to Ms. Angela Pratt, Resolution 128 was made through a very extensive consultation process with the leadership of the Government and the participation of ministries, sectors, partners, local authorities, stakeholders and international partners. This is one of the most important lessons that Vietnam has learned in the fight against COVID-19, because the health sector cannot cope with COVID-19 alone, but needs the cooperation of the whole society.

According to Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Lien Huong, the resolution is a wise, bold and courageous decision, fundamentally changing the thinking in the epidemic prevention and control strategy, making decisions based on practical experience in the field of epidemic prevention and control in the country and the world.

The resolution was formulated with scientific evidence, closely following the epidemic situation forecast, accessibility, supply and coverage rate of preventive vaccines.

Dr. Phan Duc Hieu - Standing Member of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly, said that Resolution 128 is a change in approaches and methods of fighting the epidemic and economic development. Resolution 128 has given Vietnam more confidence in solving all these problems later on - this is a big “plus point”, he noted.

Experts consider Resolution 128 to be an extremely important document to help Vietnam balance social development in general as well as the application of public health measures. What Vietnam includes in Resolution 128 is also what the World Health Organization has recommended. After 1 year, the country is in a more proactive and flexible position in responding to the epidemic along with socio-economic development, which has clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of this Resolution.

It can be affirmed that thanks to Resolution 128, along with many additional solutions, the recovery of Vietnam's economy has been clear and maintained so far, towards sustainable growth in the coming time./.