The Republic of Korea (RoK) plans to more than double next year's budget for aid projects in Laos as part of efforts to boost bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The RoK's Foreign Ministry asked the Finance Ministry to earmark 4.84 billion won (4.3 million USD) in official development assistance (ODA) to the Southeast Asian country in 2014, a considerable increase from the 2.04 billion won set aside for this year.

The budget aims to launch diverse projects, including support in education, drawing national topographic maps, as well as expanding support for existing programmes in medical care and infrastructure building among others.

The RoK's ODA to Laos rose from 5.8 billion won in 2009 to 6.8 billion won in 2011. It tumbled to 3.8 billion won in 2012 and to 2.04 billion won this year.-VNA