Russia calls on Vietnam to participate in peace projects hinh anh 1Irina Konhiukhova (R) and children participating in the "Peace Road" project in Kalmykia, ​Russia. (Source: VNA)

Moscow (VNA) – Dr. Prof. Irina Konhiukhova from Russia’s Law University has called on Vietnam to participate in a number of projects for peace initiated by Russia.

The projects include “Peace Road,” to be carried out the areas which were battlefields, and underprivileged areas, and “Arch of Peace” which will build gates as a symbol of peace, starting from Ukraine.  

Russia aims to compile a document similar to the Peace Chapter, stipulating basic regulations on respect for sovereignty and human rights, as well as mechanisms and procedures for conflict settlement, she said, urging countries, including Vietnam, to participate in the compilation.

Konhiukhova also suggested these countries develop their own peace law in order to avoid groundless conflicts.

She said anti-terrorism is Russia’s another priority, adding that the country will launch projects to study areas vulnerable to terrorism like North Caucasus. Besides, Russia has paid attention to narrowing development gaps.

Russia plans to organise an international congress on the Peace Road which will saw the participation of Vietnam, she said.

Vietnam has protected national unity and established cooperation with many countries in the world. Vietnam has the capacity to hold dialogues with other countries and is one of the very few nations facing no conflicts.

Therefore, she said, Vietnam is a trustworthy partner and a friend of Russia, she affirmed. - VNA