Singapore air suffering from smoke hinh anh 1Singapore's Thomson area is covered by a blanket of haze on September 10. Photo: Today Singapore
Singapore’s air quality has pushed unhealthy levels as a result of forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

At 3 pm on September 10, the local pollutant standard index (PSI) was fluctuating between 104 and 113. The NEA classifies PSIs recorded from 101 to 200 as detrimental to human health.

September 9’s downpour has reduced the haze but has yet to improve air quality.

As such, residents, especially pregnant women, children and people suffering from with lung or heart diseases, have been recommended to limit their outdoor activities.

The poor breathing conditions were prompted by smog from blazes on western Sumatra island and the Indonesian part of Borneo island , which are home to huge palm oil, pulp and paper plantations. Forest fires occured at 140 locations on September 9, 38 places more than a day earlier.

Singapore bore the brunt of the thick haze and worse air pollution in June 2013 when its PSI reached 401. The hazardous situation led to the ratification of a law on trans-boundary haze pollution that took effect on September 25, 2014.-VNA