Singapore PM: US-ASEAN Summit a “very significant step forward” hinh anh 1US and ASEAN leaders at the US- ASEAN Leader Summit held in Sunnylands, California from February 15-17 (Source: internet)
Singapore (VNA) – Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong praised the importance of the recent US- ASEAN Summit, which was held in Sunnylands, California from February 15-17.

Lee said the summit is a clear signal that the US values its partnership with ASEAN and that the current administration under President Barak Obama wants to do all it can to institutionalise this relationship.

Speaking to reporters after concluding his week-long visit to the US, he said the meeting was a “very significant step forward”, being the first of its kind where ASEAN leaders were hosted by the US President.

During the two days, the leaders discussed issues ranging from terrorism and climate change to opportunities for economic cooperation.

While the summit institutionalises the bilateral relationship and paves the way for the next US president to take it forward in the future, Singapore’s PM also expressed hope that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be ratified before the end of President Obama’s final term.

The TPP was widely expected to be on the agenda at the special summit, together with the dispute in the East Sea.

Among the principles listed in a joint statement given at the summit was a mutual sovereignty respect and the need to abide by international law and order.-VNA