The Singaporean Government has strengthened measures to cope with any disease outbreak. The extra precautions come as global concerns over H7N9 flu and novel coronavirus grow.

Speaking at the Singapore Congress, Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong affirmed that there is no evidence showing the two above-said viruses can spread from person to person, or that there is any risk of such diseases appearing in Singapore.

However, the Singapore’s Ministry of Health remains cautious, and has asked local hospitals and doctors to stay vigilant and isolate people showing symptoms of the viruses.

The ministry has received information on 11 suspected cases of H7N9 flu and 24 cases of novel coronavirus, but none have proved positive.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), since the first case of the novel coronavirus in September 2012, 34 cases have been detected in the world, resulting in 18 deaths.-VNA