Singapore to hold by-election next month hinh anh 1Singaporean residents (Photo: TODAY)

Singapore (VNA) – Singapore will hold a by-election for Bukit Batok constituency on May 7 after the People’s Action Party (PAP) representative David Ong resigned last month because of a “personal indiscretion”.

Nomination day will be April 27, followed by nine days of campaigning (until May 5) and the mandatory cooling-off day on May 6. Polling will start the next day for residents to cast their votes.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is visiting the Middle East, said in a Facebook post on April 20 that with the budget “out of the way”, the by-election was called to enable residents of Bukit Batok to have their own Member of Parliament (MP).

“Partnership between Government and citizens is key to our success. I hope Bukit Batok residents will elect the candidate who will be concerned for their welfare, represent them ably in Parliament, and make Bukit Batok the best home for them”, he wrote.

Murali Pillai, a 48-year-old People’s Action Party member, and Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan, 53, will be running for the single-seat constituency (SMC) by-election.

While Murali Pallai revealed that his plan will cover upgrading and assistance for underprivileged families in the constituency, his competitor Chee Soon Juan said he aims to be a voice for the people in the parliament to raise issues regarding rising living costs, job security for workers and care for the elderly.-VNA