Singaporean PM warns of threat from regional separatist groups hinh anh 1Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (Photo: AFP/VNA)
Singapore (VNA)Separatist groups in Southeast Asia is posing a clear and present danger to Singapore, said the country’s Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong on June 10 during an interview with Australia’s National Radio ABC.

He stressed that his country is preparing to respond to an attack which is assumed to take place in the country at some point. 

The interview also covered topics of globalisation and strategic shift in Asia.

PM Lee said globalisation is seen as a creator of jobs and booster of workers’ wages in Singapore, adding that as a globalised nation, Singapore can play a role which is servicing the region and the world.

Regarding strategic shifts in Asia, the Singapore leader acknowledged the growing influence of China, saying that the country can play a positive and constructive role in the region.

He, however, added that the growth and influence of Chine should be within the international framework, where all countries, big and small, can prosper in a rule-based international order.

Talking about the US, PM Lee Hsien Loong believed that the US will continue to maintain its significant role in the regional security which he said benefits many countries.-VNA