Story of Pao (2006) is one of the most classic films of Vietnam that told the life and the culture of the ethnics people. A poetic movie, yet is still realistic.

The movie describes the eagerness to be free and happy through the cultural life of the ethnic minority. The movie won 4 Golden Kite Awards and 1 Special Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

The highlight of this movie was the cooperation with international filmmakers. The movie was edited by the famous filmmaker Phillip Noyce, who enhanced the layout and the flow of the movie.

Also, the film's cinematography was done by Cordelia Beresford, a famous filmmaker in Hollywood. The bright and wide frame in the movie perfectly caught the beauty of the mountains of the North. The golden color of rutabaga, the white of orchid tree, the green color of cornfields

The beautiful scenery of Sapa and Meo Vac was captured through the lens of this talented cinematographer. We can say that “Story of Pao” was a bridge between film industries, which erased the doubts about foreign filmmakers involved in a domestic movie./.