As many as 156 Vietnamese students and young researchers, who had good performance in their studies, have been awarded Odon Vallet scholarships.

The scholarships, totalling over 2 billion VND (95,240 USD), were presented by Prof. Odon Vallet and Prof. Tran Thanh Van at a ceremony held in the Temple of Literature in Hanoi on August 23.

The scholarships are part of a larger 20 billion VND scholarship programme for 2,250 outstanding students and young researchers nationwide. Each student will receive 8 million VND while researchers will get 13 million VND each.

Since 2000, professors Vallet and Van, who launched the programme Meeting Vietnam, have awarded tens of thousands of scholarships to Vietnamese students and researchers in order to encourage and support them to overcome difficulties and achieve scholastic success.
Prof. Vallet, a lecturer at France's Sorbonne University, inherited a 120 million EUR fortune from his father, which he uses to finance the scholarships for excellent young students in France, Vietnam, and several small countries in Africa.-VNA