Carrying gifts such as peach trees, kumquat trees, square sticky rice cakes, and dong leaves, the trips represent the sentiment of people on the mainland towards officers and soldiers on duty at sea.

This is the first time Captain Tran Trung Hieu has been dispatched to the platform, taking on an assignment as Deputy Political Commissar at the DK1.2 Platform. Leaving his pregnant wife at home, Hieu knows he will not be with her when their child is born.

Twenty-year-old Ngo Xuan Tai has departed to DK1.1 Platform just as Tet approaches. He is excited about the new journey and foresees the challenges ahead. He is proud to contribute to protecting the sacred skies and seas of the motherland.

The supplies are a great encouragement to soldiers and islanders to overcome the difficulties and safeguard the national territory./.