The Culture Ministry of Thailand is on course to introduce a new project to help promote Thai culture in China.

Permanent Secretary for Culture Prisna Pongtadsirikul said last week that a proposal is being planned for the Thai Cabinet to approve and allocate a budget for the construction of a Thai Cultural Centre in China.

The plan followed Culture Minister Sontaya Kunplome’s recent visit to Beijing to look for the location for the centre and came back with an idea to rent a 1,200-square-meter building for a period of 5 years.

Prisna said the draft rental agreement is expected to be completed by June before being proposed to the Cabinet, in hope of seeing the renovation of the building completed in September.

The planned Thai Cultural Centre in China was conceived from an agreement on cultural cooperation and closer relations between the two countries, she said, adding that the new centre will house a cultural library and a space for cultural activities and a Thai language school.-VNA