The quality of Thai export products must be improved to keep up with international standards for competitiveness in the global market, said Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs M.R.Pridiyathorn Devakula.

The Deputy Prime Minister, acting as the president of the National Standardisation Council of Thailand, presided over the opening ceremony of a seminar held on the occasion of World Accreditation Day and World Metrology Day to encourage the inspection and standard certification activities in Thailand.

The DPM made his remark on national standardization to increase the nation’s competitiveness, saying that Thailand must improve the quality its products along with international standards to ensure the global reception of Thai products as high quality products, especially for medicine products that should be improved prior to the integration of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

He also mentioned that the weakened Thai currency, 33.80 THB per 1 US dollar from 32.70 THB per 1 US dollar, actually benefits the export sector especially the agricultural produce. Agricultural entrepreneurs had previously suffered losses due to the exchange rate.

He said that it is expected that the Thai currency could continue to weaken, while the current 1.5 percent policy rate is the lowest in the region.-VNA