The Thai garment industry will see a significant growth next year thanks to the recovery of the US economy, according to the Federation of Thai Industries.

Vice President of the federation and advisor of the Thai Garment Manufacturers Association Wallop Wittanakorn said the US recovery will likely lead to the nation's placing of more garment orders from Thailand , offsetting the declining demand from Japan.

Demands from the Republic of Korea and Hong Kong (China) will also increase on-year, he added.

However, Thai exports to the European Union (EU) might take a dip because of expiration of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), which reverts the reduced export tax of 2.4 percent back to 12 percent from the country.

Wallop also predicted that women’s dress shirts, shirts with environmental messages printed on, highly ventilated clothing, and clothes made from recycled materials will be in trend next year.-VNA