The Thai government is expediting the production of steamed rice, hoping to add value to Thai rice and expand its markets in foreign countries.

Deputy Minister of Commerce Yanyong Puangrach said most Thai rice exports are steamed rice which usually increase 10-20 percent annually.

During the second half of the year, the government will produce more steamed rice since the country has the potential and the average price of steamed has recently increased by 50 USD a tonne, he said.

The deputy minister added that he believes Thailand’s steamed rice markets abroad, especially in countries with high purchasing power like Africa and the Middle East, will expand.

As many as 103 mills have showed their interest in joining in the ministry’s project to produce more steamed rice for export, Yanyong said.

The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Interior, Chainat province and Nakhon Sawan province - the country’s biggest rice producers - will soon organise a grand event on Thai rice to ensure rice safety, following the news about rotten and contaminated rice in Thailand.-VNA