On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, the Office of Natural Resources and Environment Planning and Policy (ONEP) calls upon the Thai people to consider the importance of wetlands.

The National News Bureau of Thailand quoted ONEP Deputy Secretary-General Noppadol Thiyajai as saying that wetlands cover an area of approximately 3.5 million hectares nationwide, which account for 7.5 percent of the total area of Thailand . The majority of wetlands in the country are now facing deterioration as they become more shallow and smaller in area. This is due to the public’s lack of understanding in the importance of wetlands.

Noppadol commented that the idea to dredge wetlands to build flood retaining basins to prevent and solve the problem of flooding must take into account the ecological and hydrological systems of wetlands, which are home to a large diversity of plants and animal species.

The World Wetlands Day, which falls on 2 February of every year, aims to raise awareness among the public on the importance of preserving wetland ecological systems, which are an essential resource for rural communities ./.