Prime Minister and Defence Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has expressed her opinion on cabinet reshuffling, saying that she is not in fond of the practice as it disrupts the Government's workflow.

The comment came after last week's reshuffle rumors that became one of the hottest political topics.

According to the Premier, cabinet reshuffling may be inevitable if needed and when time comes, she however assures the public that when there is an absolute need for the shakedown, she will do her best to find the most suitable and capable people for the portfolios.

It is not unusual that the public may agree or disagree with the Government's choice on the ministerial posts, but the ministers must, through their performance, convince the people that they are in fact the right persons for the job, added Yingluck.

She reiterated that whether or not the shakedown will occur depends on the timing and the readiness of the people involved.-VNA