Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has called on Asia Pacific nations to cooperate in sustainable water management in order to handle natural disasters more effectively, according to MCOT online news.

Prime Minister Yingluck was speaking at the opening session of the second Asia Pacific Water Summit attended by leaders of nine countries and senior officials in the northern province of Chiang Mai on May 20.

Asia as a region has more natural disasters than other regions, and no country can handle a major crisis alone, so Asia Pacific countries should work together with sustainable water management system approaches such as preventing human activities which destroy natural resources, improving human access to clean water sources, and preparing for natural disasters, she said.

The PM urged all countries in the region to reduce the destruction of environment and prevent deforestation, as well as set up a warning system to reduce loss.

Without a comprehensive water management system, a 'war on water' could erupt, she warned.-VNA