The Thai province of Lopburi has held its annual Monkey Buffet Festival under this year’s theme “Giant fruity monkey”.

The “Monkey Buffet Festival” was first held 24 years ago. Its main objectives are to give fruit and vegetables to the local monkey as well as promote local tourism. Many Thais and foreigners flock to the province each year to watch over 2,000 monkeys feeding on a big pile of fruit and vegetables.

This year’s event saw more tourists than expected. With so many people, the monkeys were afraid to come down to pick up the food. The organisers had to make way among tourists for the monkeys to come down and allow the media and people to take pictures.

Local people believe that monkeys bring good fortune and prosperity to the province and its people. The feast is also a “thank you” to the monkeys, whose presence attracts thousands of tourists to the locality.-VNA