Thailand’s northern resort town of Chiang Rai has just opened its tourist season 2013-2014 on October 24.

Wanchai Chongsuthamanee, the city mayor, said at a press conference that the season will start in the mid of November with diverse events and activities taking place during two months.

The first two will be the Mekhong cultural event and four-nation Loy Krathong, or floating lantern. The city has invited neighbouring countries of Laos , Myanmar and China to join the event during November 15-18.

The city will then organise Chiang Rai's flower festival from December 20 to January 20. In between, there will be a countdown on New Year's Eve.

According to Wanchai, this year's events are planned to be bigger and better than in the past, as ASEAN nations are looking to integrate into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Besides, Chiang Rai has proposed itself to be a hub of investment and tourism in the northern region.-VNA