The withdrawals of Thai and Cambodian troops from Preah Vihear area are believed to help uplift the economy for the two countries.

President of the Si Sa Ket Chamber of Commerce Siripong Angkasakulkiat has said the withdrawals of both Thai and Cambodian troops will contribute to economic expansion.

He expects trading between the two sides to increase 10 percent or around 5-6 million THB per month. In terms of tourism, Siripong said if the Mo-E-Daeng Cliff pass can be opened, people in the area are expected to earn approximately 20-40 million THB a month.

In another border province of Surin, trading atmosphere at Chong Chom pass has been rattling since the troop withdrawals. Both Thai and Cambodian travelers and traders reportedly feel more secure about the situation.

Manager of the Chong Chom market Pattana Chuenyong said that the border trade value has increased remarkably after the new development, with several millions of baht in circulation daily.-VNA/NNT