Thailand: airlines cut flights due to reduced number of passengers hinh anh 1An aircraft at Thailand's airport (Photo:
Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - At this time, those who need to travel by air to various provinces across Thailand are asked to follow announcements by the airlines because they have cut the number of flights to some provinces due to a reduced number of passengers during the COVID-19 epidemic.

At Trang Airport, there have been quite small numbers of passengers. However, strict COVID-19 prevention measures have still been in place. The Trang Airport Director said the new wave of COVID-19 infections has led many provinces to control passenger numbers in and out of the region, and people are asked to refrain from traveling between provinces. As a result, the number of passengers using Trang airport has decreased.

Various airlines have reviewed their flight arrangements. Some airlines have announced temporary flight cuts, because each flight had only a small number of passengers. Some flights had fewer than 10 passengers. This week, it is expected that the airlines will reduce the number of flights.

People who travel through airports nationwide are asked to follow announcements on the various communication channels used by the airlines, to check their flight details as well as follow announcements on the numerous requirements related to travel between provinces from government agencies./.