Thai Foreign Minister Surapong Tovijakchaikul has expressed hope that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will do justice to both Thailand and Cambodia in the Preach Vihear case.

After the government’s meeting on the Thai-Cambodian case on October 21, Surapong said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposed four possible rulings for the ancient temple row. The first ruling is that the court has no power to decide on the case or it has power but there is no cause to interpret the 1962 ruling.

The second and third possibilities are to have the vicinity of the Preach Vihear Temple match with either the boundaries defined by Cambodia ’s map or Thailand ’s map. For the last possibility, the court might give new demarcations of the disputed area for joint management by the two countries.

The minister said he wants the court to uphold its 1962 ruling with both Thailand and Cambodia jointly managing the area. However, he voiced no concerns over possible unrest in Thailand if the court’s ruling is against the country.

Surapong added that he and his Cambodian counterpart will discuss the ICJ ruling during a meeting of the Thai-Cambodian Joint Commission for Bilateral Cooperation.

He said the discussion will be based on peaceful coexistence to avoid military confrontation while confirming that the Thai army will abide by the meeting’s resolutions.-VNA