Thailand: Muslims in Yala prepare for Hari Raya hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: NNT)

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) -
Muslim villagers have been preparing for Hari Raya, shopping for food at Yala market for a convivial meal after the moon watch on June 4 evening.

In the morning of the day, many Muslim vendors were offering a variety of foods at Yala railway market for the Hari Raya period such as rice noodles, sticky rice shaped as triangles, fermented rice and sticky rice in banana leaves. Many Muslim villagers have been buying sticky rice, fresh vegetables, shrimps, fish, beef, chicken meat and sweet desserts for a big family meal with relatives and friends after an announcement on the lunar watch tonight. Yala provincial police have been in attendance for safety reasons and have ensured a convenient flow of road traffic for shoppers.

Most items of food have been traded at normal prices such as sticky rice in a triangular shape which is sold at 100 pieces for 370 baht. Fermented rice is two baht per bag, rice noodle is 25-30 baht per kilogram, fresh beef is 260 baht per kilogram, fresh chicken is 65 baht. The prices for fish, shrimps and vegetables remain unchanged.

Muslim villagers in Yala and nearby areas are watching the moon after sunset at a hall near Pareh mountain in Yaha district of Yala province and send the results of the moon watch to Yala’s provincial Islamic committee. The Sheikhul Islam Office will announce the results of the moon watch on Aidilfitri Day in Hijri 1440. – NNT/VNA