A survey across the Asia-Pacific region has found that Thailand has the second highest number of people shopping via mobile phones after China , with most of the purchases made on fashion items.

The survey, recently conducted by MasterCard on 14 regional countries concerning the trend of online shopping, showed that up to two-thirds of consumers in the region have ever made an online purchase and the number tends to grow steadily.

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, more people now prefer using the device to commuting to the stores in order to do their shopping.

Based on the findings, more than half of Thai shoppers or about 51.2 percent have used their phones for shopping purposes, placing Thailand the second in the region for smartphone shopping. China came in first while other countries where shopping is often done on mobile phones include India , Indonesia , Taiwan and the Philippines .

As for reasons behind smartphone shopping, almost 60 percent of the respondents in Thailand cited its convenience while another 51 percent said the emergence of new applications made the buying method more attractive.

The majority of the goods being sold is clothing and fashion accessories at 26 percent, followed by phone applications at 22.4 percent and music at 18.8 percent.-VNA