Thailand's cross-border trade increases sharply in June hinh anh 1At a mall in Thailand (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Thailand's Ministry of Commerce said that the Southeast Asian country's cross-border trade in June increased by 41.68 percent over the same period last year, reaching a value of 146.09 billion THB (4.41 billion USD).

Thailand's cross-border trade with four neighbouring countries saw rises in June.  Malaysia took the first place with an increase of 15.33 percent to 24.84 billion THB, followed by Laos, up 18.40 percent to 17.89 billion THB; Myanmar 31.79 percent to 17.13 billion THB; and Cambodia 20.99 percent to 13.49 billion THB.


China topped the list for Thailand's transit trade, with an increase of 86.56 percent to 35.74 billion THB. Singapore came next with 10.18 billion THB, followed by Vietnam, with 6.08 billion THB.

The ministry expects border and transit trade to expand 3-6 percent this year as the country opens more border checkpoints to speed the flow of trade.

Forty-four border checkpoints were opened in Thailand in June, with another 11 set to be launched soon./.