Thailand’s 'Must-See Ranong' tourism campaign kicks off hinh anh 1A corner of Laem Son National Park in Ranong province, Thailand (Source:
The tourist season has kicked off in Ranong province, western coastal Thailand, under a promotional seaside campaign dubbed ‘Must-See Ranong’.


Kapoe district officials, as well as representatives from the Ranong Tourist Business Association and Public Relations Department, are inspecting Laem Son National Park, in their efforts to promote local tourism.

Kaper Sheriff Chanakarn Thipprasertsook has invited people to visit the marine park, which includes several famous islands. During tourist season, visitors often hire a boat and travel to various islands within the archipelago.

The park had previously been closed to tourist activity for four months to allow its ecosystems to recover. After a recent visit, the sheriff said the beaches are cleaner and local vegetation has fully grown since the four-month ban.

Many of these islands were named according to their shapes and historical significance. Koh Ao Khao Kwai, for example, was named for its resemblance to a buffalo’s horn and Koh Yee Poon, which translates to 'Japan Island,' had once served as a military outpost for Japanese soldiers during World War II.

Travelers often make time for Koh Kang Kao on their island-hopping tours. The island offers a perfect vantage point for a panoramic view of the other islands and its beaches have extremely fine, powdery sand.

Local hotelier, Thiti Tantawanich, said Ranong has a lot of offer in terms of health and eco-tourism, because it is abundant in natural resources. He claimed the province only needs an effective marketing campaign to lure new visitors, especially those from Middle Eastern nations that are drawn to the rainy atmosphere.-VNA