Hanoi (VNA) – The COVID-19 pandemic has changed travel habits and trends of Vietnamese people, with domestic destinations becoming their top choices when they want to go for a tour.

The global pandemic has forced people to cancel their international tours. The lifting of social distancing order nationwide allowed them to quickly book domestic tours and discover the beauty of Vietnam.

The latest survey on travel trends of Vietnamese people conducted by Booking.com – one of the world’s leading travel platforms – shows that 96 percent of the total distance that Vietnamese people travelled from June 1 to August 31 was conducted in Vietnam. The figure last year was only 52 percent.

During this period, holidaymakers favoured major cities and famous destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Vung Tau, Da Nang and Da Lat.

Top Vietnamese destinations for domestic holidaymakers hinh anh 1Sai Gon bread (Photo: Tu The Duy)

Ho Chi Minh City

Being a super urban city and a trade and financial centre of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is modern and bustling like other super urban cities, but it also boasts a lot of interesting destinations and experiences.

The city, named after late President Ho Chi Minh, is known as a city that never sleeps, as one of the most wonderful ways to discover the city is to enjoy street foods at night with many restaurants, both small and big.

If visitors do not like the noisy life, they are advised to find an airy space at the suburbs such as flying kites on reed fields.

Top Vietnamese destinations for domestic holidaymakers hinh anh 2A corner of Hanoi seen from above (Photo: VNA)


The over 1,000-year-old capital hides countless interesting things. The city impresses visitors with its ancient streets or streets covered by yellow leaves every autumn. For relaxation, Ecopark, about 13km from the city’s centre, is an ideal place. A one-day picnic will bring people closer to the nature where they can enjoy a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

Visitors should also visit a 3.85km ceramic road along the Red River, recognized as the world’s longest ceramic picture by World Guinness Records in 2010, or a café around West Lake at sunset, try foods on ancient streets, or walk along small alleys there to discover a different Hanoi.

Top Vietnamese destinations for domestic holidaymakers hinh anh 3Diving and seeing corals (Photo: Nguyen Tien Dung)

Ba Ria-Vung Tau

When wanting to escape from a crowded city, residents in Ho Chi Minh City often choose Vung Tau in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. Although it is known as an ideal destination for a short sea trip with hundreds of seafood restaurants, Vung Tau also has many other interesting destinations to discover.

Robert Taylor ancient weapons museum is such an interesting destination like that. The museum showcases different types of weapons from different periods of history.

Vung Tau lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses of the country and Southeast Asia built by French people in 1862, is also an attractive destination.

Top Vietnamese destinations for domestic holidaymakers hinh anh 4Ba Na Hills – Da Nang (Photo: Huynh Van Truyen)

Da Nang

As a tourism centre of the central region with beautiful beaches, Da Nang offers a lot of choices for a sea holiday.

Taking a tour by high-quality Vietage train is also a must-try experience. The train, starting from Da Nang, brings passengers to go through wonderful coastal roads and stops in Quy Nhon province.

Top Vietnamese destinations for domestic holidaymakers hinh anh 5Da Lat Education College (Photo: Le Nguyen Huy)

Da Lat

Da Lat flower city in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong is well-known for its cool climate and French-style buildings. Tea fields, the Crazy House, or Happy Buddha statue are suggestions for visitors to the city.

The survey of Booking.com also shows that for accommodation, resort is the top choice of Vietnamese tourists, followed by aparthotel (a combination between apartment and hotel), hotel, and apartment./.