The southern central coastal province of Phu Yen on June 27 opened training classes on foreign news services and dissemination on national seas and islands for officials at 56 coastal communes.

Trainees heard reports on disputes in the East Sea, State management and measures to disseminate foreign information, and some forms of grassroots-level dissemination.

The classes aim to educate people about the position and importance of seas and islands of Vietnam and Phu Yen province in particular, international laws on seas and islands and the major contents of Vietnam’s law on protection of marine resources and environment and fishing activities.

Economic potential, especially that of the maritime economy, as well as the province’s policies to attract foreign investment and activities to increase the community’s awareness of sea and islands were also discussed during the classes.

In addition to the classes, the provincial Border Guard also introduced the above-mentioned contents to people living in 27 coastal communes and wards.-VNA