Vietnam's first machine for identifying national sovereignty violations has been successfully manufactured.

The L-band and high frequency transmitter was produced by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Centre of the College of Engineering and Technology under Hanoi National University.

The work has been carried out for nearly ten years by a research group headed by Assoc Professor Dr. Bach Gia Duong, Director of the Centre.

"Detecting national territorial sovereignty violations both in air and territorial waters is very important for national security," Duong said.

"The aeronautical control of civil airlines and air forces and the control of naval forces require a unified system to determine whether or not an object violates the national territorial sovereignty."

Not only is the equipment cheaper than similar imported products, which often cost from 25,000 USD to 100,000 USD but it also allows for flexible adaptation of secure coding procedures.

For example, it can also be used for manufacturing communication devices for fishing boats.

Fishing boats are often equipped with GPS communications networks, but sometimes rescue centres and boats lose touch with each other because of the sea surface's impact.

"This device, if successfully manufactured and used in naval control, will enhance management of fishing boats as well as other activities in Vietnam 's territorial waters," Duong said.

Common uses for very high frequency technology are FM radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, land mobile stations, long range data communication with radio modems, amateur radio, marine communications, air traffic control communications and air navigation systems.

The system for broadcasting and receiving the national identification codes was based on microstrip technology, utilising the Hybrid and Wilkinson bridges as combination logics.

This transmitter system won the golden trophy in International Techmart Vietnam 2012 last month.-VNA