UN Women held a programme in Hanoi on November 8 that aimed to enhance the rights of Vietnamese women migrant workers.

As part of the project “We are women – A rights-based approach to empowering migrant women in Vietnam ”sponsored by the Fund for Gender Equality (FGE), the programme saw the participation of 200 migrants in the capital.

Regional Director of UN Women Asia Pacific Roberta Clerk highlighted migration as a key to creating development opportunities and satisfying socio-economic demands.

She noted that as most migrants rarely access social and medical insurance in urban areas, they can easily suffer from job insecurity, low and unstable income and HIV/AIDS infections, while facing higher risks of violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking.

The programme created an opportunity for those in attendance to exchange information on migration safety and combating violence, especially in the context of rapid urbanisation.

Over 100 participants received free medical check-ups and careers and legal advice. This aimed to increase the capacity of migrant men and women to claim the social welfare and health services they are entitled to.-VNA