Unilever Vietnam (UVN) recently announced a 2.57 million USD aid for community activities in Vietnam as part of its sustainable development plan during the 2012-2020 period.

According to UVN Chairman J.V. Raman, the plan aims to strengthen the group’s commitment to create better lives for Vietnamese people.

The plan’s major objectives include heightening living standards for over 20 million Vietnamese people through education programmes to raise women’s awareness of hygiene, health care and nutrition and improve children’s health; reducing by half impacts on the environment through innovations in production and technology; and contributing to hunger elimination and poverty reduction in Vietnam through micro-finance projects on creating jobs for women in difficulties.

UVN is making efforts to raise public awareness of community hygiene in Khuoi Rap village, Bao Lac district, in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang, J.V. Raman said.

Since 2006, UVN has worked with the Vietnamese Ministries of Health, and Education and Training, and the Vietnam Women’s Union, in activities for community development.

UVN has offered more than 70 billion VND (3.3 million USD) each year to help Vietnamese state agencies implement initiatives to improve living standards of millions of Vietnamese families, especially those in remote areas./.