Unique hand fishing festival in Tuyen Quang

Hundreds of local people and visitors flocked to Nang Kha commune in Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province, to take part in the recent annual hand fishing festival, part of a series of activities to promote Tuyen Quang tourism year 2022.

Hand fishing originates from ancient times, when the local Tay ethnics prepared for a new rice crop and villagers flocked to the fields to catch fish.

The festival takes place every year to wish for good health and a productive harvest.

Participants wade through ponds catching fish with their bare hands and nothing else. The water level can be as low as 50-60 cm. More than 500 kg of fish are released into the pond during the festival.

The hand fishing festival is a fascinating part of traditional culture and attracts many visitors. It also presents an opportunity for Tuyen Quang to promote its various tourism products./.