The 12 districts and Son Tay township have appointed Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of People’s Committees of their wards and are now ready to pilot the urban governance model.

In order to avoid disruptions in serving citizens during the initial days of the pilot, each ward has introduced guidelines for their public servants. Residents will therefore not face any hurdles when completing administrative procedures.

Under the pilot scheme, Hanoi will abolish ward-level People’s Councils. All administrative and governance matters will now go straight from the municipal People’s Committee to lower levels, making the directions more concise.

The new model also places more responsibility on ward-level civil servants, requiring they improve their working attitude.

The 12 districts and Son Tay township have prepared carefully for the change from the traditional model to the new urban governance model. All consider it a key task for 2021.

According to the Hanoi People’s Committee, the urban governance model is a breakthrough in reforming local government./.