Multinational corporations (MNCs) from the United States have upped their investments in Singapore, from 118.57 billion USD in 2011 to 138.60 billion USD last year, making the city-state the single largest US investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Also according to the US Department of Commerce, MNCs’ profits in Singapore climbed from 21.07 billion USD to 21.17 billion USD.

Meanwhile, Singaporean companies' investments in the US increased from 24.21 billion USD in 2011 to 26.24 billion USD in 2012, behind those of Japan (308.25 billion USD) and Australia (42.69 billion USD), among the Asia-Pacific countries. Singapore 's investments in the US stayed profitable, but down from 1.16 billion USD in 2011 and 0.74 billion USD in 2012.

In Vietnam , US MNCs’ direct investments increased from 0.96 billion USD in 2011 to 1.06 billion USD in 2012 and their profits up from 0.04 billion USD to 0.05 billion USD in the same time.-VNA