BD (Becton, Dickinton and Company) will assist the Central Tropical Disease Hospital to establish a centre in support of HIV testing under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Hanoi on November 30.

The centre will provide consultancy and double checking of cell analysis by Flow Ctytometry therapy and manage HIV lab quality.

Under the MoU, the US-based medical technology company will supply and install free of charge a FACSCount TM and a FACSCount TM II system and provide chemicals for running HIV carrier supervising equipment.

The leading medical technology company will also help in training staff to conduct research on relevant products and provide technical assistance in receiving and managing samples through vacutainer blood collection tubes.

BD will also share experience in developing standard operations, help conduct research on management of lab operations, provide equipment and establish technical groups.

The Director of the Central Tropical Disease Hospital, Nguyen Van Kinh, said as the main hospital providing medical checks and treatment for HIV carriers, his hospital had received an increasing number of HIV carriers in need of treatment with accidental infection antibiotic and HIV antiretroviral drugs. The hospital operation has, therefore, demanded extreme accuracy in TCD4 cell lab testing and counting.

The establishment of the centre will help meet the hospital demand, said the hospital chief./.